Safety Resources

A gray house with black shingles is pictured with lights. The pavement looks wet as if it has just rained.

Home Safety

Find out how to stay safe around electrical hazards in and around your home.
a man in a tree is using a chainsaw to trim a branch.

Outdoor Safety

What you need to know about lightning safety and staying safe around electrical equipment/areas in your neighbourhood.
a flashlight is laying on the ground and illuminating the surroundings with a blue hue.

Power Outage Safety

Are you prepared for a power outage? Here are some simple ways to be sure you’re prepared.
emergency preparedness items such as bottled water, a first aid kit, a flashlight and canned goods are displayed on a gray background.

Emergency Preparedness

Do you have everything you need on hand in the event of a prolonged outage?

Need to report an electrical emergency?

If you see a potential electrical danger, such as tree branches on powerlines, downed powerlines, or leaking transformers, please contact Festival Hydro as soon as possible.

Call: (519) 271-4700