Regulatory Documents

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Festival Hydro is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and has a duty to inform customers about any filings and regulatory matters.

Below you can find more information about filings that Festival Hydro has made, view our distributor scorecard and learn a bit more about the electricity supply in Ontario.

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Ontario Energy Board Scorecard

Ontario's Electricity Supply Mix 2020

Ontario's Electricity Mix

View the full report here.

Active Applications

OEB Case Number  

 Applications For

EB-2022-0032 2023 Price Cap IR Application


Application Archives

OEB Case Number 

 Applications For

EB-2021-0024 2022 Price Cap IR Application


2021 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2019-0035 2020 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2018-0032 2019 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2017-0040 2018 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2016-0070 2017 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2015-0069 2016 Price Cap IR Application
EB-2014-0073 2015 Cost of Service (COS) Application
EB-2012-0124 Notice of Application for an Electricity Distribution Rate Change