Corporate Structure

With 7 Members Plus the CEO, Our Board Has a Singular Focus
- Make London Hydro Truly Exceptional.

London Hydro is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors appointed by City Council. Long-time residents of the community with deep roots here, our Board Members bring a diverse wealth of experience and expertise in engineering, law, finance, governance and municipal government. 

Members meet monthly to discuss the important matters related to governance and the strategic direction of London Hydro. In addition, three Standing Committees – Audit, Human Resources Policy & Procedures, and Corporate Governance & Risk Management -- convene separately from the regular monthly board meetings.  

While the board works tirelessly to help make London Hydro “best in class”, they realize that it simply wouldn’t be possible without the passion and commitment of all London Hydro employees.

Download London Hydro's Statement of Corporate Governance. (link to downloadable pdf)

Meet Our CEO and Board Members